Universal Analytics GA4 Migration

Don’t lose site of those precious analytics; it’s time for a new system.

It’s Time to Update That Prescription


When we first built your website, we installed an analytics script so that you can track things like:

  • Who’s coming to your website?
  • How did they find you?
  • What kind of device do they use?
  • Where are they located?
  • How long did they stay?
  • And which pages did they visit?

It’s important stuff. And it’s about to disappear – unless we do something about it.

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Update Your Data Vision

Act Now To Avoid A Fuzzy Future

Google is retiring the old script and version of Analytics and requiring a new script and version of Analytics, with the old one set to stop receiving data on July 1st.

The good news is that transitioning to the new version isn’t very time-consuming, so we’re offering our clients a flat-rate service for just $75 to make the transition easy.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Log into your existing Google Universal Analytics (UA) account
  • Create a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) account for you
  • Copy your basic UA configuration details to your GA4 property
  • Grab your GA4 Script
  • Log in to the backend of your website
  • Install the new GA4 Tracking Code
  • Test the new code, and send you your very own Analytics report so you can have a snapshot of where you were, where you are, and where your business is going

Customize for Crystal Clear Insights

Tailor Google Analytics For Your Business
To gain the clearest vision in Google Analytics 4, it’s vital that you customize and fine-tune it according to your unique business needs. This way, you won’t miss a single detail and avoid stumbling in the dark with your Google Ads campaigns after July 1. The sooner you make the switch, the more time Google Ads will have to optimize your ad campaigns based on the crispest, most accurate data from Google Analytics 4.
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Google’s Already Got You Started

The Process Is A Simple And Seemless Transition

Now, Google’s already got you started. Unless you’ve opted out, they’ve crafted, or are in the process of crafting, a shiny Google Analytics 4 property for you, complete with some nifty features like specific goals and even Google Ads links that have been seamlessly transferred from your old Universal Analytics setup.

Unfortunately, some of the custom dimensions and metrics you’ve grown accustomed to won’t make the journey. But fret not! By personalizing your Google Analytics 4 setup, you’ll collect the precise data needed to measure your most valuable actions and run ad campaigns with unparalleled precision.

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If you are comfortable letting your Analytics expire, you don’t need to respond.

Or, Preserve Your Analytics & Stay Ahead

The switch to Google Analytics 4 is not just a recommendation; it’s an absolute necessity to safeguard your precious data. Failing to make the transition means risking the loss of valuable insights and falling behind your competitors. We’re here to ensure you stay one step ahead in the digital realm.

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