Cultivate a flourishing website with ongoing maintenance.

Nurturing Your
Digital Garden

Think of your website as a beautiful garden, brimming with vibrant flowers and lush foliage.
Without regular maintenance, your garden will become overgrown and neglected. Just as a garden requires consistent care to thrive and grow, your website needs ongoing maintenance to flourish and provide a delightful user experience.

Visitors exploring a neglected garden will be discouraged by the lack of fresh content, broken functionalities, and a disorganized structure.

With ongoing care, your digital garden will bloom with captivating content, seamless navigation, as well as safety from, attracting and engaging visitors on their journey through the vast online realm.

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Everything Our Plans Include

We will need to install our software on websites Geeks on the Beach did not build. We track and bill for our time for this service. This process typically takes around an hour and allows us to review the site’s health status and plugins.

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Software & Plugins Included In Our Plans

(most plugins are in US Prices)

As part of our Standard Maintenance Plan, we include updates to your website’s core, plugins and security settings. We take nightly backups and monitor your website for blacklist intrusion attempts. Without a maintenance plan in place, the following plugins will need to either be replaced, or you’ll have to arrange for ongoing licensing and payment of your website’s plugins on your own to ensure ongoing website functionality.

Elegant Themes Divi

$89 Year

The most widely used premium WordPress Theme & Builder.

Gravity Forms

$59 Year

The #1 form builder for WordPress allows us to quickly add data collection forms, polls and surveys and more.

Yoast SEO

$99 Year

Comprehensive toolset that optimizes website content, enhances search engine visibility, and facilitates effective on-page SEO practices.

WP Rocket

$59 Year

Works to significantly improve website performance by caching, optimizing, and delivering content faster, resulting in enhanced user experience and improved search engine rankings.

Advanced Custom
Fields Pro

$49 Year

Creates unparalleled flexibility and control, enabling seamless customization of content by effortlessly adding and managing personalized fields to meet diverse website needs.

Divi Supreme Pro

$79 Year

Enhances website design and functionality with a diverse set of advanced modules and features, unprecedented customization options and efficiency in building visually stunning and dynamic websites.

Basic Maintenance &
Security Plan


Keeping your digital garden well-pruned and thriving.

Just like a well-tended garden, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive, basic plan to ensure your website remains in full bloom. Trust us to nurture your website’s growth and ensure a peaceful online experience. Leave the worries of maintenance to us as you focus on nurturing your digital garden’s success.

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What You’ll Get

  • Daily offsite backups
  • Core Security Patches and System Updates as they become available
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Should the site be compromised, we can restore the site from the most recent backup file. Time spent restoring the site would be tracked and invoiced at applicable shop rates.
  • Access to our Geeks on the Beach licensed core and premium plugins
  • Covers the basics, estimated at around 11 minutes per month.

What else do you get?


New Account Setup

We will need to install our software on websites Geeks on the Beach did not build. We track and bill for our time for this service. This process typically takes around an hour and allows us to review the site’s health status and plugins.
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We take pride in operating in the background to keep your site running properly, but we’re also big believers in transparency – you should know what we’re doing on your website and the value you’re receiving. To that end, you can expect monthly reports showing what was done on your website and when it was done.

A la Carte Support

While our plans cover the essentials, should you need support over and above the items and options listed here, we can assist in any way necessary at our standard hourly rate. Time is tracked to the minute, and you will receive a full report of what was done, when, by whom, and how long each task took. Our hourly rate is $126. We track to the minute and don’t round up. There’s no minimum fee, and you only pay for the needed time.
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Site Restoration

Backups are stored in the cloud. We track our time if a website needs to be restored from a backup. The process is generally quick but will be dependent on circumstances.

Don’t Let Your Digital Garden Dry Up

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